Coral Plan Adult


The Coral Plan is an affordable medical aid plan which guarantees the required medical treatment in times of need.

The Annual Benefit Limit is $12,500



The Coral Plan allows your family or dependants access to the following benchmark medical services (No cash required):

Hospitalisation in Grade C Private Hospitals, Mission, Government or Municipal hospitals up to a general or private ward.
General Practitioners and Specialists Doctors treatment in Government, Mission, Municipal hospitals and clinics.
In-hospital drugs in Mission, Government, Municipal hospitals.
Government Specialist treatment services
Pharmacies i.e. They just produce their FML Coral Plan medical aid card and get their prescribed drugs.
Emergency Medical Road and Air Services (EMRAS), St John and Municipal Ambulance Services.
Ancillary medical services at Government, Municipal and Mission hospitals and clinics (e.g. Radiology, Pathology etc)
Blood transfusion services


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