CellMed Health Medical Fund - Diaspora Plan

We are here to help you look after your family's health back home

“CellMed Health Medical Fund offers comprehensive medical aid cover through an extensive service provider network with countrywide distribution, guaranteeing that our members can access medical services in any part of the country.
We have also made strategic partnerships regionally and internationally which allow CellMed members to access medical treatment outside our borders.
We always strive for excellence in service delivery and we are ISO9001:2015 certified.”

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Plan Annual Benefits
$13 000
$21 000
$33 000
Child Monthly Premium via Zambezi Medical
Plans From £28
Adult Monthly Premium via Zambezi Medical
Plans From £44
Senior 65+ Monthly Premium via Zambezi Medical
Plans From £54

Easily and conveniently pay in GBP to our UK bank account

General Waiting Periods

General Practitioners Consultations
Hypertension, Diabetes, Asthma, HIV/ AIDS, Arthritis, Heart Diseases.

Specialist Consultations
Minor Surgeries(e.g. Appendice, Tonsil removal)
MRI , PET and CT Scans

Maternity (C-Section)

Optical Benefit

Knee and Hip Replacement
Orthodontic Treatment
Major Surgeries
(e.g. Knee, Hip Replacement & Organ Transplant)

1. Provide the details of the member you would like to register

2. Submit the application form with your selected plan

3. We get you registered and provide your membership number

4. Make payment using any of our flexible payment options