Generation Health

We are here to help you look after your family's health back home

"The Generation Health Medical Fund benefit design is modelled along the "new generation" and well as "traditional" approaches. This has been intended to cover a wider market taking into account different preferences of members. Our strategy is to cover all Zimbabweans from all walks of life.''

Age Range Ebony Elite (individual)
18 – 25 yrs
26 – 39 yrs
40 – 50
51 – 60
+60 yrs first timers
Children below 18 yrs
Annual Benefit $17 000

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General Waiting Periods

Three months waiting period for all benefits.

After the general 3-month waiting period, the following condition specific waiting periods

• Chronic medication, Laboratory tests & x-rays
• Funeral Grant
• Travel Insurance
• Specialist treatment and Special Appliances e.g. nebulisers, glucometers, hearing aids, and ostomy bags
• Spectacles and contact lenses, Dental services
• Planned or elective surgery
• Non-emergency hospitalisation, Pallative Care
• CAT scans, MRI scans, Bone Densitometry Scans and Nuclear Medicine

Maternity benefits

Anti-Retroviral Therapy Programme
Internal prosthesis and surgery involving the use of internal prosthesis

Treatment of Cancer

2. Submit the application form with your selected plan

3. We get you registered and provide your membership number

4. Make payment using any of our flexible payment options