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Welcome to Zambezi Medical

Established in  2009, we are here  to give you  a simple and reliable way to provide health care to your family and friends living in Zimbabwe. With Zambezi Medical, you get Peace of Mind, safe in the knowledge that you can support your family’s medical needs from anywhere in the World!

We are your convenient, one-stop shop for health care in Zimbabwe. Our services are provided throughout Zimbabwe via a range of reputable healthcare providers.

Zambezi Medical – Sending healthcare directly to your family!

A simple and reliable way to look after your family and friends in Zimbabwe

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Our Service Plans & Packages

FMH Medical Aid

The FMH Medical Savings Fund is a medical Fund for which individuals make monthly contributions which are credited to their respective Medical Savings Accounts.

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Pro Health

Pro Health offers a different approach to health care by focusing on preventative health care through a countrywide network of providers of services. Packages are affordable and accessible to all Zimbabweans.

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Just click here to  tell us which product interests you and we will send you a personalised quotation.

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Generation Health

Generation Health is an open medical fund launched by Sovereign Health. They have offer a viable alternative approach and healthcare in synch with changing times.

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CellMed offers comprehensive medical aid cover through an extensive service provider network with broad distribution, guaranteeing that all members can access medical services countrywide.

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Medical Supplies

Parallel with pharmaceuticals and health care services, Zambezi Medical also provide various medical supplies and new and used equipment.

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Providing Direct Health care to your family in Zimbabwe

  • Huge appreciation to the Doctor and his team. I did not know of Zambezi Medical services and I have to recommend your professional and prompt response. Thank you for coming up with such a fundamental system.

  • I have peace of mind knowing my Mother has an active medical aid card in Zimbabwe because I can pay monthly directly from the UK.

    Aaron, Slough
  • I have always had a prompt response to my queries. Thank you!