Pro Health

  • Plan for all ages
  • 24 hour call centre
  • Family plan packages
  • Senior plan for 54 years and above
  • Optional add-ons & wellness checks.
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Pro Health Medical Scheme

Pro Health is a Medical Aid Society registered in Zimbabwe, offering a different approach to health care. We focus on preventative healthcare through a countrywide network of providers of service. Our packages are affordable and accessible to all Zimbabweans including those working and living in the Diaspora.


PLAN Essential  Extensive  Senior Care * Comprehensive  Comprehensive  Plus Executive
ANNUAL BENEFIT LIMIT (USD) 5 000 15 000 15 000 22 000 32 000 42 000
Adult £22 £39 £42 * £62 £78 £84
Child £19 £27 n/a £40 £50 £59
Family of 3 £38 £80 n/a £139 £181 £202
Family of 4 £44 £94 n/a £165 £219 £247
Family of 5 £50 £108 n/a £192 £256 £293

*only for Senior 55 plus adults

Please Note:

Pro Health premiums do not include medication – prices on request once prescription reviewed by Pro Health, and the medicines can then be accessed via the ChronMed add-on benefit which is paid for separately. However, all diagnostics are included in the monthly premiums.


Members have a 3 MONTHS waiting period before they can access GP services.

Thereafter, the waiting periods are 6, 12 & 24 months depending on which service you need to access. The list of waiting periods is available on request.


  • Unlimited GP visits for day to day ailments (e.g.: colds, flu and stomach bugs) through the Pro Health Service Provider Network.
  • Access to specialist services
  • A call centre manned by doctors and nurses giving members access to medical assistance and advice 24/7.
  • Wellness checks.
  • Weight and obesity management clinics.
  • Foreign treatment subject to specialist referral, available across all packages.
  • Family groups pay one contribution and share the global limits.


Available for:

Funeral Cash Plan

ChronMed (for chronic medications)

Pro Opti Care (for optical services)

Chron Care Support

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