Medical Aid

Through Zambezi Medical you can easily enroll and subscribe your family members in Zimbabwe to any one of several medical aid schemes that we have on offer. You then set up a regular monthly payment plan from anywhere in the world and your family are covered! Peace of mind for you.

We have chosen to work with three reputable Medical Aid Providers to assure you a wide choice of plan options.

NEW we now also offer:

  • Family Packages
  • Senior Packages

First Mutual Health

The FMH Medical Savings Fund is a medical Fund for which individuals make monthly contributions which are credited to their respective Medical Savings Accounts.

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Pro Health

Pro Health offers a different approach to health care by focusing on preventative health care through a countrywide network of providers of services. Packages are affordable and accessible to all Zimbabweans.

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Generation Health

Generation Health is an open medical fund launched by Sovereign Health. They have offer a viable alternative approach and healthcare in synch with changing times.

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