About Us

Zambezi Medical is a limited company established in 2009 and registered the UK. We recognised the desire of many Zimbabweans living around the world to provide for the health needs of their families back in Zimbabwe. Zambezi Medical provides a platform through which they can access a wide range of medical services available in Zimbabwe for the benefit of friends and family. Our commitment is to provide an easy and reliable solution for you to take care of the needs of  your dependants in Zimbabwe, from anywhere in the world

Our team includes Doctors and other healthcare professionals who have extensive experience working within the United Kingdom as well as in Zimbabwe and understand healthcare. We work in partnership with reputable healthcare providers in Zimbabwe including doctors, Medical Aid providers and Pharmacists.

Why Zambezi Medical

  • Convenient, one-stop shop for health care in Zimbabwe
  • A wide range of services provided through our partners
  • Services available across the country
  • Support your family's medical needs from anywhere in the World
  • Use our services for routine or emergency care
  • No large and unexpected medical bills - choose from our wide range of medical aid packages

We are affiliated with well known and efficient healthcare providers in Zimbabwe. Partners include:

First Mutual Life, Generation Health (part of Sovereign Health), Audiomax, The Eye Institute & Pro Health to name a few.

We have been recognised for our invaluable service here in the UK, and have been awarded a ZIMBABWE ACHIEVERS AWARD (ZAA).

Zambezi Medical – the easy and direct  way to care for your family’s health.

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