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  • Plans for all ages
  • Family plan packages
  • Access to specialist services
  • 24 hour call centre
  • Optional add-ons & wellness checks.
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Pro Health Medical Scheme

Pro Health is a Medical Aid Society registered in Zimbabwe, offering a different approach to health care. We focus on preventative healthcare through a countrywide network of providers of service. Our packages are affordable and accessible to all Zimbabweans including those working and living in the Diaspora.

Global Annual Limit per Individual:

Pro Essential $5 000

Pro Extensive $15 000

Pro Senior Primary & Secondary $15 000

Pro Comprehensive $22 000

Pro Comprehensive Plus $32 000

Pro Senior Tertiary & Quaternary $40 000

Pro Executive $42 000


The waiting periods for new members are as follows:

  • 3 MONTHS : General Practitioner Consultation
  • 6 MONTHS : Specialist Consultation; Hospitalisation; MRI & CT Scans; Pre -existing Chronic Condition Drugs
  • 12 MONTHS : HIV Treatment; Optical Benefit; Dental; Elective Surgery; Fertility Treatment & IVF; Wellness Benefit; Maternity; Foreign Treatment (specialist referred)
  • 24 MONTHS: Chemotherapy & Radiotherapy; Prosthetic Appliances & Implants; Orthodontic Treatment; Life time limit Haemodialysis Treatment


  • Unlimited GP visits and medication for day to day ailments (e.g.: colds, flu and stomach bugs) through the Pro Health Service Provider Network.
  • Access to specialist services
  • A call centre manned by doctors and nurses giving members access to medical assistance and advice 24/7.
  • Wellness checks.
  • Weight and obesity management clinics.
  • Membership for retirees over 55 years and above.
  • Foreign treatment subject to specialist referral, available across all packages.
  • Family groups pay one contribution and share the global limits.
  • A retirement medical aid benefit that kicks in at retirement after 25 years membership and is inclusive of a Chronic Care Cash Benefit.
  • Hospital Cash Back Benefit paying up to $6,000 per annum per member.


Optional Cover is available for:

Chronic Care; Fertility; Cosmetic Surgery & Funeral Care.

Maternity Add on is applicable only for the duration of the Pregnancy up to delivery cover includes:

Antenatal Services, delivery and Postnatal care. Two Antenatal Ultra sound Scans. Pathology investigations. Immediate cover for the new born provided the baby is registered within 48 hours of the delivery.

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